Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things overheard at our house…

Nate!If you were here at our house you WILL hear Nathan yelling all sorts of things (at all hours of the day/night). Some of the things he yells (or says really loudly) are:

  • “Go Bat-room Mommy!”, "Go pee-pee Mommy!" (Oh the joys of potty training—tonight he yelled out four times after he was in bed, and yes he went all four times! Sigh!)
  • “Don’t touch me!”
  • “Don’t lock me in!” (when I’m buckling him into his car seat)
  • “Let go me!” (He yells this one when I grab his hand in the parking lot or to cross the street).
  • “Stop touching me!” (One time he yelled this at church as I grabbed him as he tried to crawl underneath the pew)
  • “Mom-my! Get up! Mom-my!” (sometimes this one comes too early in the morning and most of the time if I’m quick Sammy sleeps through it since he repeats it over and over and over again until someone goes to get him)
  • “‘ungry Mom! ‘ungry!” (Hungry—sometimes this is yelled early in the morning or any other time that he’s hungry which seems to be a lot lately. Maybe he's growing again because tonight after clearing off his plate at dinner he wanted a peanut butter sandwich and then requested a ham and cheese sandwich! These boys are eventually going to eat me out of house and home!)
  • “Bird!” or “Helicopter!” or “Plane!” or “A 'quare (square)!” or anything else he sees and decides that you should know about too!

He usually is very cute and charming but he has got a set of lungs on him and when he wants to be heard I think that the whole neighborhood hears him!

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