Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Samism: Yogurt

Yoplait On Sunday, I had just been quietly telling Sammy more about the bread and the water and what they mean during the sacrament when he asked me why they don’t give us really big water at church because he’s really thirsty when he sat and pondered for a minute (and I hoped that some of the lesson was going in) when this conversation started:

Sammy: Mommy, why don’t they have yogurt at church? (I mean, come on they pass out bread and water, right?)

Mommy: (not sure what to say and pauses for a second)

Sammy: Oh I know, it’s because they don’t have spoons here!

(duh Mom!) Everything is so simple right?!

1 comment:

That Girl said...

Fabulous logic. Couldn't have reasoned it better myself. ;o)

So glad you found me! I love making new friends.

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