Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sammy’s Swim Lessons

He’s four now you know. He’s so big. He can do so many things and he will be sure to tell you that he’s so strong, or so big, or whatever, because he’s four . ;)
NewCamera_Sam'sSwimLessons_May262010_ 001We signed up for swim lessons (because we think it’s important!) at Splash in La Mirada. The classes are small! I was able to sign up (not like at CPE where it fills up the morning that the classes are available) and it is a beautiful facility. Sammy is in a class of three (there were two teachers for 7 or 8 kids) and is loving it. The first day he came home upset because he said it was too short but when he got to go back again two days later he decided that it was okay.
Poor Nate and Danny just have to watch because they’re under three! I think that we’re going to get passes to Splash for the summer (and Buccaneer Bay). It looks just right for our little (and young) family!

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