Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer has arrived, woo hooooo! :)

IMG_4955175 essays, scantron finals, orals, review packets, notebooks, countless begging emails and four cheaters later I can finally say goodbye 2009-2010 school year and welcome summer!

Sammy kept asking me yesterday, “is it Sunday tomorrow?” (because I’m usually home all day only on Saturdays) but we had a good and exhausting day.

We got passes to La Mirada’s water park, Splash, and we went over when the baby got up from his first nap! Thad had to work (he’s re-piping someone’s house this week) so I took the boys by myself. It is a nice little park with free parking and it is just the right size for us! We had a good time. Sammy loved it and even saw his swim teacher Miss Rose, Nathan wasn’t feeling well (I even ended up taking him in later on in the day) but still had fun just was a little clingy, but the baby wasn’t too sure about it!

We can’t wait to play, play and play some more this summer!

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