Monday, August 16, 2010

Samism: Prayer and the Moon

half_moon Scene: Mommy, Nathan and Sammy are jammed in a tiny bathroom while they do their before bedtime potty duties. We open up the little window (no explanation needed as to why, right) and finish up. Little brother Danny is already asleep in their room so we decide to enjoy the moonlight and pray in the bathroom (hey, why not) and Sammy says he’ll offer the prayer.

Sammy: Dear Heavenly Father. Thank you for this day… (then he starts to mumble something about the moon getting close enough to touch it—he does this often though in his prayers and I can’t always hear what he’s saying…)

Sammy finishes his prayer and then climbs up the step stool to look out the window.

Sammy: Is it close enough to touch yet?

Mommy: Oh no, it can’t come close enough to touch (thinking quickly) or else the other little boys wouldn’t be able to see the moon tonight and they’d be sad.

Sammy: Oh. Okay. Then I need to say another prayer.

Sammy: Dear Heavenly Father…please let the moon be a little bit closer but not too close so that all of the little boys can see it.

Sammy then climbed back up the step stool, smiled and said, “See, it’s a little bit closer now but not too close!”

Oh the faith of little children!

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