Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer sun and summer fun!

I have been trying to do as much with the boys as possible this summer to not go crazy at home. Some days we just play at home but some days we’ve gone out and about with friends.

Here are some pictures of our little outings and some of fun at home.

A couple of days we met cousins, friends, or just went by ourselves, to the park (Heritage or CPE). Who doesn’t love putting on sunscreen, packing some PB & J sandwiches, pretzels and a few Capri-suns and heading to the park to swing, slide and run around?

Before Grandma and Grandpa left on their three week European Vacation (I’m soooo jealous) we played a few days with Grandma while Grandpa was golfing. One day we went to the Santa Ana Zoo. It was the perfect size for us and the boys loved it. Sammy’s favorite was the snake. I think that Nate liked almost everything! :)

One day we met our friends Amy and Lincoln at Splash…we have really enjoyed our passes there. Totally worth the money we spent! And it has been fun to see the boys gain confidence and be willing to do more things!

Another day we went to Atlantis Play Center in Garden Grove and met our friends Kathryn, Katelyn and Laura. It is $1 per person to get in but the boys had a blast. They had swings, a pirate ship, a whale slide and a giant dragon slide that was really tall and long. We will definitely go back another day because we didn’t have time to visit the whole park!

One afternoon we went with the Raile family to the Cabrillo Beach Marine Aquarium in San Pedro. We used to visit as kids and we took the boys last year and it was quite enjoyable. We walked out to the beach and looked at the real tide pools and then saw all of the animals in the aquarium. They even have a lab where they are breeding sea horses and other neat things! Very educational and fun! The touch tank was super neat too – the kids loved touching the sea stars, sea urchins and more! The big boys both passed out on the way home—it was a fun afternoon!

And lots of days we just play around at home. We have played in the sprinklers, went out for ice cream, made pizza, did science experiments (especially homemade volcano lava), had water balloon fights, put puzzles together, painted, cooked, baked, watched movies, set up, played with and then destroyed the train tracks all in the same afternoon and destroyed the house on a daily basis.

There are two more weeks of summer! I can’t believe that it’s almost over!

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