Thursday, September 2, 2010

Soccer Time!

SummerFun_August2010_SammySoccer_ 005 I began playing soccer a long time ago as a timid 5 year old and was often seen picking flowers and drifting off into space…

27 years later (yikes) I am in a new role as a soccer mom of a four-year old! Now I’m not sure that this classifies as soccer but there are boys, cleats, a field and bunches of little size three balls.

Sammy was elated as I finally announced on Friday that his first soccer practice was actually that night! He said, “tonight?” and then smiled from ear-to-ear with a smile worthy of (and only possible with) our genes.

We arrived at practice on time but by the time I got all of the kids and stuff out of the car, and walked (carrying one and pushing another tired one) to the field we were ten minutes late. Sigh. He was so anxious and excited and jumped right in. The “stretching” if you could call it that was especially fun to watch since all of the kids had a hard time mimicking the coach’s teenage sons (who are former students of mine :) ) as they stretched on one leg or the other.

Finally it was time for practice! The coach had them put their balls on top of their heads so that he could talk to them and then told them to put the ball on the ground and then dribble. Sammy, excited at his realization that he knew how to do this, quickly picked up the ball and started to “dribble”, but no, not like a soccer ball but like a basketball! I should have snapped a picture but I was too busy giggling hysterically and then trying to get him to put the ball on the ground and dribble it like we had practiced at home (I guess that I didn’t use the terminology with him!) Oh well.

Practice was fun! Sammy had a blast and when the coach asked him after he responded, “great!” with a smile that would melt any mom’s (and any coach’s) heart! I am looking forward to seeing him grow and enjoy this new fun time in his life!

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