Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our Adventure: Space Shuttle Endeavour

IMGP6427A few weeks ago the boys and Thad went to Disneyland to see the Space Shuttle fly across the sky as it was strapped to the back of a 747. I was sad that I missed that but was happy to have been a part of today. We tried to figure out when and where it would be best to see it and thought that this morning would be the easiest on the boys so we got dressed and off we went!

There were a lot more people there to see it at the Forum than I expected and luckily there was still parking at the Hollywood Park next door! We got there just in time and even though I would have just preferred being able to see it there were some politicians seizing the moment with some boring speeches but hey, it was there, and then it quieted for a moment and then there was some sentimental space music, and lots of oohs and ahhhs as they began to move it slowly (2 mph) down Manchester to its next spot. That is when I got all sentimental. I put Nate on my shoulders, Thad had Danny on his and Sammy standing up in the stroller and I just started sobbing. I think that it was, a) a mixture of excitement just being so close, b) excitement of seeing the boys’ excitement, and c) sadness since I had always wanted to go to see a space shuttle launch and now I can’t. :(

I’m glad that we went. It was something that I’ll definitely remember and I hope that the boys do too. I can’t wait to see it in the museum when we go the next time, although I’d love it even more if we were able to explore it. Maybe they can make a room that is like it for us to explore!

See more stories and great pictures of its final “journey” here or here at the LA!

Here are some pictures:
Sam, Dad and Dan


They were so excited to be so close!



Mom and Nathan!


Just happy to be there!


Here is one before it left our view. I remembered that I hadn’t gotten one of us! Bye-bye Endeavour!


Benny boy! All smiles until he got too tired on the way home, fussed, and then passed out (phew!) :)


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