Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Samuel: 7 years old

TheBoys_October2012_ 176Samuel turned seven yesterday so I wanted to document a little about him.

  • He mostly prefers being called Samuel but lets Mommy call him whatever (Sam, Sammy, Sammy boy) but he also really likes his full name, Samuel Clifford Marcroft.
  • He is huge. Like, 4 ft. 7 huge, and towers over almost every other kid, including some 12 year olds that we know. He’s also dense so don’t try to pick him up unless you bend with your knees!
  • He is a happy kid but doesn’t like doing homework. He’d rather be playing.
  • He loves bike riding, riding scooters, playing tag, and playing in the mud!
  • He loves playing on the computer (when I allow it) and loves games like Cut-the-Rope, Angry Birds, Dragon City (on FB)
  • He loves his baby brother Benjamin and is usually really good with him (which is such a blessing to have someone to help). He is usually good with the others too unless, of course, they want the same thing…then it just gets loud!
  • He loves spiders, snakes, bugs, and anything else like that!
  • He loves space, space shuttles, astronauts, planets the works!
  • He love mining (or minding as he calls it!) and makes books of gems and minerals. He has a few real rocks/stones that were mine when I was younger and can’t wait to get more!
  • He loves rock climb, even “rock climbing” means tying a jump rope or anything else that he can find that is long, around his waste and trying to climb the back fence (even though Mom doesn’t like this because it scares me since it’s not proper equipment and could be fatal and has told him NOT to a thousand times!)

For his birthday first he wanted to get a treat; Yogurtland is right by his school so we stopped there! Then we did a little homework (I know, I’m awful eh? I only made him do half, the rest he finished today), packed up the kids and headed to Redwood Creek Challenge Trail where they rode the tire swing, rock climbed, slid down the rock slides, ran like crazy kids, climbed through the maze of bridges and more. I think we played there for 2+ hours before I begged them to leave since I needed to change Ben’s diaper! He also wanted to ride Ariel’s ride and then Toy Story Mania but the Toy Story line was too long so we hit King Triton’s Carousel before heading out. We ran into another crazy family of (almost) four boys and it was like finding kindred spirits! Fun, fun, fun!

I think that we had a great time and a great birthday! We love you Sammy boy! I told him a little about the day he was born and I heard him retell a few people about how he arrived at 3 am on the dot, just like they said that he would…kind of fun!

Where should we go??!

TheBoys_October2012_ 178

King Triton’s Carousel

TheBoys_October2012_ 197

Rock climbing! On a real wall not on our back wall! Hooray!

TheBoys_October2012_ 185

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