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Merry Christmas - 2012

TheBoys_December2012_ 018Merry Christmas to all! It was a beautiful Christmas Eve and such great weather for Christmas Day as well, brisk and sunny! :) We had a great time (even if the boys are still working on the whole being grateful thing).

We had two great days. On Christmas Eve we enjoyed dinner with G&G Driggs at Don Jose's, we were part of the Christmas nativity and program at Great Grandma's house, we “enjoyed” a super late night getting stuff ready for Santa and Christmas, lots of fun with the boys on Chrismtas morning, breakfast and presents at G&G Marcroft's and later dinner at the Repetti's with the Driggs side of the family! We missed seeing the Fongs and the Keens this year (they’re in Utah) but it just means that the celebration will be continued later!

Christmas is just a magical time of year. I felt really spoiled yesterday and got some really nice things! The boys were really spoiled by family and friends too and are haven’t stopped playing since they got their presents and have been seen lugging their bags of goodies and toys.

I haven’t gotten around to sending Christmas cards yet (well, I did send out four, and I might try getting a few more out this week, but if you got one of those four you’re lucky, or maybe you were just the first one to send me a card this year!) LOL. I’ll paste my silly letter in here to read as well as the photo from the card!

Merry Christmas from the Marcroft Family! Thanks for loving us enough to follow us on this journey of life!


Merry Christmas from the Marcrofts! Christmas 2012

We might actually get some Christmas cards sent this year! Woo hoo for Mom! Things are going well this year. Here is a little about each of the members of our family!

Thaddeus (aka Daddy) is in his final year at Long Beach State University! He has a little more than a semester left until he finishes his accounting degree there. He is a great student and dad who takes the boys to and from school and when Mom gets home he leaves for his long afternoons/evenings at school and tries to fit studying in sometime at home with the boys (or late at night). He continues to work with the YM in the church as Scoutmaster and goes on monthly outings with them.

Allison (aka Mommy) is still busy teaching at Cerritos High School which is about 3 miles from home. She also has two “tech periods” this year in the which she does tech support for the teachers and admin and maintains the school website. Life is busy! When she gets home from school she changes hats to her mom hat, kisses Dad on the way out to school and starts to play with, clean up after and fix food for four crazy boys! She is also loving her calling in the Stake Primary and loves to substitute teach in primary too! When she has time she tries to keep her blog updated so if you want to read about our crazy adventures and silly stories head over to

Samuel (age 7) is in first grade and is loving it. He doesn’t like HW but he loves school. He enjoys getting ice off the top of the trailer in the morning (we’ve had some cold mornings recently) and drawing (sharks, cheetahs, angry birds, cars, helicopters, planes and tanks). He likes to read and ride his bike and play outside in the dirt and mud! He is (usually) a good big brother and especially loves to take care of baby Benjamin!

Nathan (age 5) is in Transitional Kindergarten (formerly called Preppy K) which is a two year kindergarten program for late year birthdays and will be in “normal” kindergarten next year. He loves school and especially his teacher, Mrs. MacInnis, and HW (he just added). He enjoys doing homework, practicing his letters, riding his bike with his big brother Samuel, and helping Mom in the kitchen.

Danny boy (age 3) is in love with trains, helicopters and BALLOONS! He (almost always) has a bag full of trains/cars/helicopters and will settle for a picture of a balloon if a real one is not available. He loves to play with his little brother Benny boy when the big boys are at school. He also likes to ride his bike with the big boys!

Benjamin (13 months) is walking all over everywhere and into everything (especially the dishwasher!) He loves his brothers and used to only giggle for them which made Mom and Dad very jealous! He is very happy and his big Marcroft smile and bright blue eyes get a lot of attention when we’re out! He loves his grandparents on both sides and loves to hug them and smother them with kisses.

Thank you for being part of our lives and remember that even though we’re not good at keeping in touch we always remember and think of you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Marcrofts (Thaddeus, Allison, Samuel, Nathanael, Daniel and Benjamin)

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Jen Kesler said...

I got your beautiful card!!! Thank you!! I did not send them this year...for the first year ever!! :( merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! We love you Marcroft people!!!

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