Saturday, July 20, 2013

Benjamin: 20 months (Mom’s journal)

IMGP8140Ben…Benny…Benny Boy…Ben Ben…Beniel…and when he’s in trouble…Benjamin Joseph!

He is our little guy (for now) and he is a handful at times but most of the time he is super sweet and loving (well, unless you’re a big brother who has stolen his toy!)

He is growing so fast and has a head full of white blonde hair! It is much lighter than the other boys’ hair was at this age but it also has a tinge of red in it when it is wet…He has a mouth full of teeth and is quite a chatterbox. We only understand a handful of things but he will come up to you and tell you a whole bunch of things and then run off to play (or run over and tattle on his brothers and then run back). Here are some of his more intelligible words:
-Ma ma (Mom and Grandma)
-Da da (Dad)
-Pa Pa (Grandpa)
-Gof Ball
-Ba Ball (Baseball/Basketball)
-Bi-pour (diaper) but similar to his bi—poo (poo poo) which I have to be really listening to tell the difference!
-Ba ba (bottle)
-Tah doo  (Thank you)
-Bye Bye
-I did it (a bit mumbled but still discernible)
-Re, Se, Go! (Ready, set, go!)
-One, do, tree (1, 2, 3!)
-Buh buh (doesn’t use often…brothers)
-And there are more but my pregnant mommy brain can’t remember them all!

We are enjoying him lots and can’t believe how big he is getting! He definitely has his stubborn side and will hold his breath :( when he gets really upset but at least I know the signs and can usually hurry and calm him down or get to him before he passes out. But normally he is very happy and sweet and likes to give smiles, hugs, high fives (especially to Grandpa) and if you’re lucky (or grandma) kisses!

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