Friday, August 17, 2012

Another breath-holder?

Really? Another one?TheBoys_August2012_ 343

Today I had a scary thing happen while Thad was gone, thankfully, we know what it is since Nathan did (and does this still if he gets REALLY hurt) so I was a little more calm but I am still not ready for it.

I was in the living room picking up and the boys were in their room playing. The little Legos were up so I thought it was “safe” in their room for the baby to be crawling/playing with them around the corner from me. All of a sudden I hear Benjamin screaming so I run in to see him turning blue. I assume he’s found something and is choking so I try to get something out but there isn’t anything then he passes out and I am screaming (Nathan and Danny who are arguing over something and have no idea what is going on-ugh!) when I realize that he’s still breathing shallowly and that he’s not choking but involuntarily holding his breath. Then I start screaming (I know :( ) at the boys to see who hurt him or took something from him. That is how Nate’s incident originally occurred—I took away a skateboard from him (he was about 14 months old and not big enough to ride a skateboard) and he got really upset. I didn’t call 911 this time since they taught me what to look for when this happens so that I can make sure that they’re still breathing. Soon after I realized what had actually happened (meaning not choking) Benjamin “woke” up and started breathing a little better and just rested in my arms for a few minutes until he felt better...

So life is going to be exciting since now I have TWO that do this. He has been showing signs (similar to how Nate reacts when he gets hurt or really angry) and I was thinking that he might have breath holding spells but I was hoping I was wrong. At least I know what usually triggers them, how to help them (slap their face gently, blow in their face, splash water on their face; anything to try to “break” them out of the cycle) and most importantly I know to run to them and either hold them or sit/lay them down so that if they do pass out they don’t get injured when they fall.

TheBoys_August2012_ 328Things like this definitely remind me to hold them a little longer and cherish them a little bit more each moment that I can…

p.s. Here he is on a happier morning in one of his favorite places—water!

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