Tuesday, June 10, 2014

We love to read!

DSCN2835So Nathan (6 1/2) is just finishing up kindergarten and is doing really well. Last night was a big milestone though. He grabbed a book and said, “I’ll read it to you Danny” and then read all 62 pages of Are You My Mother only getting stuck on four words. It’s so exciting to see him not be scared of new words and plowing through and enjoying all kinds of text and books. :)

Sammy (8 1/2) is also a voracious reader and told me a story about school today. He said that they were discussing mammals, insects, fish and something else and that he couldn’t believe that other kids didn’t know a) that dolphins weren’t fish, b) that the class butterflies were painted ladiesDSCN2839 not Monarch butterflies (his words were, “they just think that they’re Monarchs because that is a popular butterfly!”, and c) that praying mantises (?) are carnivorous. I giggled and said, “well, we love to read non-fiction books and learn all about all of those things! A lot of kids prefer fiction.” It was interesting to watch him tonight though as he was fighting for a bit of the attention from his brothers, was reading to Ben, and kept trying to lure Danny over with cool info on the tide pools, sea urchins and more.

DSCN2831Ben is also beginning to love books. Before he’d climb up and down and around the beds/bunk beds as we read but now he grabs his favorite books (those with trains, trucks, cars or Legos in them( and says “Book! Book!” and will snuggle into read with you. (<—Here he said ‘'Cheeeeese!”)

I am so glad that they love to read as much as I do! They are also really into audiobooks right now and we’ve listened to about 15 Magic Treehouse books, a few Geronimo Stilton books, Nim’s Island (a new favorite) and tons of Dr. Suess as we drive home from school and around town to practices and games.

Looking forward to more time to do simple things like reading (and not just for HW) this summer!

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AllAmericanGrl said...

YAY for readers! :) I can't believe how big your kids are getting!!

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