Thursday, June 19, 2014

Emma: 8 months

IMGP9157What? Where? When? How in the world is she already 8 months old?

I can barely believe it….

She loves:
Her brothers!
Her mommy (okay and Daddy too!)
Her Grandmas AND Grandpas (and turns when she hears their voices)
Trying to eat things that she shouldn’t!

Her newest tricks:
Saying “hi”
Leading music
Crawling (she started this a few weeks ago)
Pulling up to stand (and prefers this to crawling if she can :( which scares Grandma!)

Physical Changes:
Two bottom teeth that appeared toward the end of her sixth month
A few curls in the back and on the sides of her head
Her eyes are blue but have a greenish brownish circle as well.
She holds her breath like two of her brothers (Nathan and Ben) when she’s really upset. :( It’s got to be genetically linked!

She is still overall a very happy baby. She loves being with people and will smile at almost anyone! We love you Emma!


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