Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Driggs Family Pics - Jan 1, 2008

Carolyn and her family were going to be in town so we got everyone together, my mom and I found coordinating shirts for almost everyone (that was quite a challenge considering their ages/genders from 2 months to 63!) I think mostly everyone was okay with the shirts besides my brother and his wife (we chose pink for them b/c that is the color they had left of the matching striped shirts and they don't have any kids--I could have sworn that my brother already owned a pink shirt, but he refused to wear it--luckily my mom and dad had packed another set. It was crazy trying to get all of the kids and families there and the sun started to set before everyone was ready but I think that they turned out pretty well. Here is a pic of each family. I think it's fun to see them and what everyone looks like. More pics at SmugMug. :)

Mom and Dad/ Grandma and Grandpa Driggs
Mike and Stephanie Driggs
Jared, Danny, Lizzie, and Cathy FongSammy, Allie, Thad and Nathan
Mike, Cameron, Natalie, Carolyn, and Ashely Repetti

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