Friday, January 11, 2008

Why Me? What's the deal with me and weirdos?

Why me? Why do I have all of the weird things happen to me? Why have I been in two car accidents and they've both run lights and hit me and run off leaving me smushed (and thankfully alive)?! And more recently (last night at 9:45 pm) did I have some drunk guy trying to get into my house? (Just for the record everything worked out as okay as it could be he was too drunk to do anything but throw up on our lawn and pass out until the police got there!) So last night I was finishing up a great big pile of dishes that had been building up slowly all week (awful eh?!) and I heard someone at the door. I thought that it was Thad so I unlocked and opened the door, but instead of Thad I saw a Hispanic guy with a beanie on about six inches from my door. I screamed and then closed the door and ran around closing and locking all of the doors that Thad had left open in the backyard when he was working. That was quite a challenge because I was shaking and so freaked out that it was hard to get the doors closed and locked. I called Thad but he didn't pick up so I called the Tolman's from church who live around the corner from us. Poor Grace couldn't understand me at first because I was so scared that I was crying but she got Mitch to come over and go around the house. I had to worry and protect my boys who were asleep--I didn't know what I would do if he got in!!! I ran into my bedroom with Nathan and locked the door and prayed that he wouldn't get in before Mitch got here! Mitch came right over and he said that everything was fine and then Thad pulled up (I had finally gotten a hold of him and he came flying home!) He got out of the car and then that is when they noticed the drunk guy hiding in our van in the driveway. They made him get out and luckily he was really wasted (since it took the stinkin' police 10 mins to get to my house) and so he just laid down on the cement (or maybe fell?!) The police took him away but talk about freaky! Oh, and I found a scooter by our back gate--I'm guessing that it was his? I'm glad that he didn't go into the back first--the doors were wide open by where Thad was working!

Ugh! So, yes, why me? That happened to me in college too-I heard somebody's keys in the door and opened it to see some guy there and I slammed the door and locked it and called the police. It ended up being some drunk guy that was trying to find his girlfriend's room--still scared the living daylights out of me at 1 am in the morning!!!

Oh, and just in case I don't have enough weird stories, there is always the one about the morning that I was up grading at 4 am trying to get some tests done when I heard my horn honk (we don't have an alarm on our little green car so I knew something was fishy) and I went and looked and there was someone sleeping(we guess?) in our car. Again, I screamed and woke everyone up and my Dad grabbed a golf club and ran outside with Thad. They detained him for 2 or 3 minutes until the Cerritos police got there (FAST! Hooray for the Cerritos Police!) and then he proceeded to tell us that he was the Messiah and that he had come from India to save us, and that it was our fault for leaving our car unlocked. He wouldn't have been in there if WE hadn't left it open. --sigh-- Enough is enough. Can I have a break from the weird car stories and drunk guys trying to get into my house--it's starting to freak me out.

At least I have been protected each time and I'm still here and alive and well.


Carolyn said...

Holy Crap Allie! I am glad you are safe! I am shaking over here just reading your post, I can't imagine living through it myself (many times!). Do me a favor and start locking things behind you...please!? Oh, and maybe put a sign on your lawn that says no drunk men allowed!

Lisa_L said...

I'm so glad that you and the boys are okay!!!! I've had my share of fun with drunk guys myself! One was wandering around our backyard thinking it was his house, and one tried to kiss me in a restaraunt in the middle of the day! It's such a creepy feeling!

Jen Kesler said...

Three things to say...
1. Keep your doors locked!
2. Do not open the door, PERIOD!

You have had way too many close calls! I'm glad that you are safe!

Ask Thad about the naked, drunk guy at Seminary...that's a classic!

Trimbles said...

Allie! I can't even believe that has happened to you so many times! Drunk people are so ridiculous! Im glad you're ok. :)

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