Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just one of those mornings... ugh!

What a day what a day. On the way to work I was thinking about blogging about how I hate mornings (or I hate weekday mornings and the awful minute-by-minute schedule that I have to be on to be able to get everything done before I leave--it makes me grumpy!) Is that weird to think about blogging while driving? Hmm...either way when I got to school I had kids waiting for help so that was pushed aside until now....so.... have you ever had a day where everything seemed to go wrong? I was trying to leave for work (later than I wanted to leave like always and I hadn't even had time for breakfast grr) and grabbed the bowls (that I didn't stick in the sink last night after we had ice cream) and taking them to the sink, but when I leaned over to hug Sammy goodbye I also spilled melted mint and chip ice cream all over him and the floor...then at work I dropped my clipboard right on my toes (ouch) and then when I went to pick it up I whacked my head/eyebrow on the overhead (that still hurts). Later I tripped over the overhead cord (but didn't fall-phew) Then when I went home I walked all the way to the car and then realized that my car keys were in my desk drawer and had to go back to get them. Then I missed almost every light home. Then I burned all of the (yes alllll) of the quesadillas I made for lunch (2 because of a phone call and the other 2 burned while I delivered the first two to Thad) and we were out of cheese so I couldn't make any more and we were out of almost everything else so that was all there was for quick lunches besides PB&J and I wasn't feeling PB&Jish today), and man, my head hurts from trying to remember all of the clumsy stuff I did...ugh..all in all I survived today and no, nothing was totally disastrous but man, I am a klutz and today was awful for the klutzy gal! I'm glad that this day is over--I am wiped out!

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Jen Kesler said...

I hear you! I hope that today is much better! Thanks for voting on my curtain issue! I am going to take everyone's advice!

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