Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Finals, finals, and more finals

Just a quick note to say, I love my job, well, the teaching part of it anyway. :) I am at one of those miserable parts of it though. We're crazy at CHS and give our kids three oral final (they have to talk for two minutes on a topic, or answer questions asked by the teacher), a written essay final, and a big scantron cumulative final. It's the orals that I hate (three days of class spent grading them-ugh), but it is the written essays that sit in my bag for the two weeks from the moment that they take them until my grades are due. It usually takes me a week to even start them (I'm usually behind in my grades anyway...I just finished their last quizzes, so I can officially start them). LOL. Needless to say that my colleagues, though they might be my kidless colleagues, have already finished theirs and passed them back to their kids. My kids will have to wait a few more days, and they better not complain, or I'll remember that when I'm up in the middle of the night (since that is when they'll have to be done) grading their essay...Grades have to be done on Monday at midnight so they'll have their grades by then. :)

Wish me luck...I better get to work--enough procrastinating--or I'll never get these done.


Jen Kesler said...

I'll be sending you happy thoughts!

Allison said...

Thanks! I need them. Even worse today was that I caught two kids cheating on their final!!! :( They were talking and I had to give them 0/150! UGH! It made me tear up..they're such nice kids...but dumb mistakes!

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