Monday, February 25, 2008

Nathan at 4 1/2 months :)

Not that we have forgotten Nathan, but he is just as cute and smiley as ever. He loves Sammy and yesterday at church he kept leaning (or throwing himself) forward at Sammy to "kiss" him and bonk heads with him. He did it four or five times before I had to move him because Sammy was giggling uncontrollably. It was cute.
He is growing like a weed (we definitely have BIG kids and Nathan is no exception) and rolled over yesterday from his tummy to his back. Hooray. His current favorite things to do are 1) stuff his hands (both at the same time if possible) in his mouth, 2) stuff his toes in his mouth (if his hands aren't already there), 3) chew on anything close by (clothing, blanket, Sam, or anyone else's fingers that are close by, and 4)coo at anyone who will talk and smile to him. He is quite chatty! :)

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