Monday, February 25, 2008

Newest Samisms and Stories

So, I was chastised by Thad for not posting more cute stories about the kids, but it's hard because I have to stand on the porch at home to make the internet work or do it here at work (like now, during the announcements in homeroom. Enjoy the random, and in no order whatsoever, stories.

-I overheard Sammy playing with his Play-doh saying "Thank you so much" and then he started saying it to Thad and I this weekend. It's pretty cute. Thad told me that he was practicing/saying "I love you" too, but he's never said this to us even though he is told this many times. He is very selective with his hugs/kisses/etc and it is great when they are given.

-Sam will often answer his own questions (especially if he knows Mommy won't let him do what he's going to ask to do). The other day he said, "Take Bubble Back (bath)?" and then responded with his "Yep" and then proceeded to take off his clothes and get ready for his bath...LOL. Too bad it wasn't bath time yet!

-He's been crawling out of bed a lot lately and I feel like Supernanny as I grab him and stick him back in bed again, and again, and again. So the other night when I thought that I heard him out of bed playing with his toys again I ran in ready to be firm and stick him back in bed and he was still in bed. He looked up at me, smiled, and said "I hear Mommy coming. I stay bed. I make Mommy happy!" Hooray Sammy!!

-So, yesterday, Lizzie came up to Sammy and said, "Wanna watch show?" and he of course responded, "yep" and they went running off to Grandma's room, turned on her TV and I chased after them giggling to turn OFF the TV. Those two have so much fun together!

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