Saturday, August 16, 2008

More summer fun... at the beach!

The kids and I went down to Oceanside for a night (since it was free) and played at the beach with the Fongs and Grandma and Grandpa. They both loved it...Sammy wouldn't even change into his swim clothes--he just wanted to start playing! They mostly built sand castles but played in the shallow water too. Nathan was an animal, or maybe a fish out of water? He kept crawling as fast as he could to get into the water. At one point he got splashed right in the face by an oncoming wave and he just kept plowing through it.

Here is a little bit of video taken by Grandma if you want to see some of the action!

Now for some regular old (but fun) pictures. ;)

Here's Sammy building a little moat with Jared (well, Jared's leg!) Jared wanted the waves to come up and fill it did it once before it washed it away! Nathan was filthy! Luckily it was just sand and it washed off. He crawled in it, dug in it, splashed in it, and smashed any part of the sand castle/moat that he could! He kept trying to eat it too! Yuck!
The big kids and Auntie Allie/Mommy going into the "deep" water! I had to hold on tight!!
There are more pictures at the beach and some of us at the park with the Fongs at Smugmug!


Trimbles said...

Hey Alli, so Im cracking up at these photos, at the first I thought "wow, thats a big sandbox, I wonder where she got it?!" Stupid me. I havent been out of California long enough to not realize that that's the BEACH! I guess I have it on the brain, I've been looking for one for the kids. But GEEZ! Huge laps in inteligence. Do you mind if I steal the pic and blog about my stupidity?

Allison said...

Go for it!

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