Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thad's Bday and Marcroft Family Reunion

Happy Birthday Thaddeus!! :) Thad turned 30 yesterday (finally, I hated being 30 while he was only 29 ;) it was a long two months) and we went out to eat with his family at Northwoods Inn (we got soup and salad--the only thing we can afford there--it's a bit pricey). I made him " too much chocolate cake and it was super delicious - thanks! Then his sister Adrian, he, and I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Les Miserables-(click to see a video clip) in concert with the LA Philharmonic. It was so much fun!!! It's a huge amphitheater and the music was great. The actors were so talented and had beautiful voices! It didn't start till 8:30 so we didn't get home till midnight. It was definitely interesting to drive through Hollywood after the show at 11--it was still super busy with people walking up and down the street--weird!

Today we went to Yorba Linda Park for the Marcroft Family Reunion. It's Thad's Grandpa's family and all of their descendants. There were probably about 45 people there--it was at a nice park. It was nice to have some time with Thad's family even though I'm a bit of a scaredy cat and don't mingle well in big groups--I just played with his sister Sarah's family. It was nice to get out and we were all worn out when we got home!

Here is a picture of the Marcroft and Badalamenti boys...
He's getting huge--he's a smiley blue eyed boy! And he's nice and solid like my boys!
Here's a picture of Nathan that was too cute to resist!
More pictures of the reunion (of course) at Smugmug!
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