Thursday, May 14, 2009

High Blood Pressure? No's so calm....ha!

I got sick the day after Easter and suffered a week or two with a nasty cold and cough but the cough has lingered and lingered and...

I went in yesterday (after having the cough for a month) because I was starting to wheeze. I was seen and they said that I had bronchitis and kept asking if I smoked (no) or had asthma (no again) and then tried to figure out what to give me since I'm 26 weeks pregnant. The doctor finally decided that she'd give me Amoxicillin which was "safe" for me and I came home a bit uneasy about taking something but the doctor had said that it could turn into pneumonia if I wasn't careful. She also said that my blood pressure was higher than normal and to "take a day or two off" and "rest". Rest? What's that? If I have to make sub plans there goes the first part of resting and how I am supposed to rest with a 1 1/2 year old, a 3 1/2 year old and a sick husband all at home?! I decided that it would be less stressful for me to be at school since I have so many kids taking AP exams that they are working on a group project 3 of the 5 periods and I'd only have to really teach two periods. That was fine and dandy and not too bad for me till I got home today after school...

Nathan has had the cough for a month too and so I decided to get him checked for bronchitis and so I had an appointment at 3:30. I was running late from working on sub plans just in case I got even sicker, I ran home and got home to find the kids still in their PJs and as it was I only had 5 minutes to make a 7-10 minute drive! I got them changed, thrown into the car, and we ran to the doctor's office. Nate didn't have bronchitis but he did have a double ear infecction (poor kid) and the doctor listened to me and told me that I sounded better today and that I shouldn't take the Amoxicillin since it could be dangerous and it doesn't work for viral infections (ie bronchitis). Hooray!

We headed out to the pharmacy to pick up Nate's medicine to kick the ear infection and then all heck broke loose (remember that I'm still "trying to keep my blood pressure down"). Nate was trying to run off, Sammy kept trying to play with the signs, etc. Then Sammy had to pee so we all went to the bathroom, he used the bathroom and I needed to go as well and they were both flushing the toliet, then Sammy opened the door while I was peeing, then he tried to crawl under the stalls (luckily nobody else was there). We went back into the waiting room but for some reason everyone kept moving away from the crazy pregnant lady with two hyper toddlers. Finally the medicine was ready and I took it and ran! Phew.

The kids were starving so we stopped and got them each a cheese roll up at Taco Bell (79 cents and delicious!) and then headed home. We played outside for a little but when it was time to come in Nathan wasn't ready so he started throwing a tantrum. I was getting tangerines for the boys for a snack when I realized that he was still holding his breath. I turned to see him all blue and falling over. I ran and grabbed him and he fell back into my arms. I started blowing into his face and luckily he gasped for air and then sat crying in my arms while he regained his energy and oxygen. He's okay now but goodness gracious it has been a crazy day.

So, I doubt that my blood pressure has gone down much but hopefully I can get them in bed soon and then relax a little bit. All in a day's work, right?!

p.s. Even just now as I was "ignoring my kiddos" (they're next to me in the living room) Sammy just dumped a giant box of train tracks, toys, trains, etc onto the living room floor completely blocking the road to the bedrooms. I sure am going to have my hands full in August!!


Jen Kesler said...

I hope you all get to feeling better!

STL Mommy said...

Thanks for the Huggies points. Your life sounds so much like mine. We walk in Walgreens the boys run from me yelling one day I had someone tell me they just didn't want them to get hurt. I know these employees too! It's so hard being Mom!

Thanks again and Good Luck!

Melinda said...

you need a nanny! lol

by the way ... when do you find out what gender you are having? or are you going to be surprised?

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