Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend Fun with the Fongs!

Cathy and Danny just purchased their own home--woo hoo--but now they're dealing with getting one house ready, and packing up all of their stuff from their old house and getting that all done before the end of the month! They had family come in to help but I figured that I was pretty useless being that my two kids would just make it more hectic if I were to go over there and I really can't do anything since I'm 6 months pregnant.

So I decided to offer my services as Auntie babysitter extraordinaire! I figured that I could handle Liz (4) and Jared (almost 6) since they play really well with Sam and Nate and that hopefully they could get more done without having to deal with keeping them happy and from helping too much.

We headed to Grandma's house, since it's bigger than mine and has enough rooms for all of them to sleep at nap time, and we played, and played, and played and...It was a lot of fun. Saturday we just played with the hose but today we pulled out our super fancy pool and filled it up and splashed around. Jared and Sammy loved to splash. Nate loved going in and out of the pool and splashing a bit too--he spent most of the time giggling hysterically. Liz mostly just danced around and would get in when the boys were out of the pool.

We had a lot of fun playing and they all listened well (well, all but Sammy, but that is my own problem!) That said I think that Sammy (and all of the kids) enjoyed it immensely. We were about 100 yards from their house when Sammy started crying and he told me, "I miss them already," luckily they're close by!! :)The boys worked till almost midnight on Saturday and they're not home yet tonight (and it's almost 10) so I think that I got the better deal! (You can find a few more pictures here)


Dan and Cat said...

Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! It's amazing how much more work you accomplish when there are less children around. :) Thanks, Ali!

Eric and Alison said...

You are such a great Auntie!!! I want to adopt you as our Auntie!!!!

wackywilsons said...

Your boys sure do have great smiles~

I did love your last blog about running around after your boys. I can so relate!~ To be honest, my boys often pee in parking lots, under the car, just to avoid any crazy bathroom trips...gotta love boys!

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