Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playing after school at Disneyland

We had a crazy schedule at school this week because of state testing and one day we got out super early and instead of staying till 3 or 4 to work we grabbed the kids, slathered some sunscreen on, grabbed their hats, the strollers (for when we want to go more quickly than 3 year old pace) and headed to Disneyland. It was a gorgeous day and we had a lot of fun! Thad and I had to renew our passes (but we always get the cheapest ones since they have such a great deal for us from So Cal - $134 for the whole year - not too bad since it's $69 for one day), Sammy's pass is still good and Nate is still free! Phew!

We always just go on a few rides and we leave while all of us are still happy, having fun and not crying. We rode Buzz Lightyear (and Thad got a super high score), Thad and Sam rode Star Tours, then we headed to the Carousel, the Casey Junior Train and took the Monorail out! The best part was that Nathan actually seemed to know what was going on and was so excited as we got on each ride and said, "weeeee!" and had a smile plastered to his face while the rides were going! That made it even more fun!

There are more pictures here if you go to page 2!

I did get a little video on the train even though I missed some of their super cute expressions and Nathan's "choo-choo" dance (well you can see one arm go up!)'s only about 10 seconds but fun to see Sammy's excited face!

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Jen Kesler said...

Isn't that the best deal, ever? I really miss Disneyland!

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