Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Barton Flats – Camping with the Marcrofts

BartonFlats_Dirt It’s tradition! It was the annual Marcroft Family trip up to Barton Flats—Great Grandma has been doing this for who knows how many years--but this year we just went up for the day. We headed out about the time that Nate should have been sleeping so that he’d fall asleep on the way (which of course he didn’t do), stopped at A&W for our traditional Root Beer Freeze and headed up the mountain. We got there just after lunch and just in time for a bit of rain. Luckily for us Grandpa Marcroft had put up a canopy and we all fit under it. The rain passed but left a nice cool breeze and a bit of water for the boys to play in.

My favorite part of the day was when the boys found a giant puddle on the road that went through the camp. They started jumping in it, of course, and then Sammy looked at me for a sign of approval or sure that he was going to be reprimanded and I just smiled. Then he said to me, “Why you letting me play in the mud? Because you love me?” and then he smiled and started jumping again. Yes Sammy, because I love you! :)

BartonFlats_StumpWhile we were there we hung out (with Great Grandma Marcroft, Grandpa Marcroft, Auntie Sarah, Uncle William, Shane, Troy and Brett, and Thad’s Uncle Lynn), ate, chatted, ate again, and then headed back down the mountain just about bedtime. It was a fun, and dirty, day but I was glad to be heading home and not into a tent to sleep on the nice, hard ground. We had a great time! :)


Dan and Cat said...

I'm so glad you didn't spend the night - you are 9 months pregnant!! Sounds like a fun day - especially for the boys who love mud!

Eric and Alison said...

We loooooooove barton flats....I grew up camping there and that is where my parents met!!!!! My kids love riding up and down the hills of the campground!! We also like fishing at Jenks Lake...did you get to do that???

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