Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Duck Frenzy

P1080067 We decided to go and feed the ducks this past Monday morning (since I’m still on vacation!) with the boys. We went right after they got up because that is the only time to get out with all three without interrupting nap schedules (since Danny goes down about 9 or 9:30 and then sleeps until Nate goes down and then Nate sleeps until Danny needs to go down again and then it’s time to fix dinner, eat dinner, and then do baths and bed!)

P1080062 Anyway, we took them to Heritage with a bag full of bread and headed towards the lake. Sammy was the first one there and the ducks started jumping out to meet him. One big, white duck actually started taking the food out of Nate’s hand and we had P1080072to put him up on the wall. Another started pecking Thad and me on the leg begging for food and they were all around our feet I was worried that we were going to  step on them. They were going crazy! Sammy went running off and found himself cornered and then ran and jumped on the little walkway.

P1080076 We fed pigeons, ducks, and many other fowl that I couldn't identify! It was fun, a bit scary, but lots of fun. We played on the swings and slides a little bit and then when it was time for Danny’s nap we headed home. Definitely my kind of fun! :)



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