Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Snow2 Oh the weather outside is frightful, okay, well, not really but we sing about it, right? Recently it has been in the 40’s when I get to school although today when I left it was in the 80’s! Either way, Christmas is almost here! Here are some pictures from some of our holiday fun!

We got our tree set up the week of Thanksgiving and the boys had a blast decorating (and pulling off the ornaments). Sammy kept grouping them by family (all of the green balls together, all of the reds etc) and ChristmasTreeNathan wanted to play with each of the ornaments. I love having the tree up and enjoying the beautiful lights.

The next week Thaddeus and his friend Frank set up the lights. The boys (and I) were ecstatic. I love coming home in the evening and seeing the house lit up! It is fun and the boys love the lights as well. (Pictures to come soon!)

Our town had snow shipped in (how else do you think that we get snow at this elevation in Southern California) and they had a snow festival! We actually remembered to go this year and the boys loved it. Snow6They had a snow area for the little guys (away from the snow fights in the big kid’s area), tobogganing, slides and more. The line was so short that when our time was up playing in the snow we went out and were able to come back in. We will definitely be going to this next year too!

Our little Danny boy is growing like a weed (do any of our boys not grow exponentially?) He will be four months on Christmas and is starting to stick everything into his mouth. He is a bit of a charmer and has a huge smile that melts everyone's hearts. He has been known to "trick" whoever is holding him into keeping him up longer than he should be Snow5by catching their eye and grinning from ear to ear, and then the holder doesn't want to put him down. We are enjoying having him as a part of our family!

I still can’t believe that Christmas is almost here! I have almost everything purchased and most things wrapped (except I need to go buy more wrapping paper for Santa since the boys found my stash!) Now I’m on break and it is time to deck the halls! Merry Christmas everyone!

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