Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Nate-ism

P1080085Nathanael is now 26 months old and quite a chatterbox. He loves copying most anything that Sammy says and is starting to tell stories in three and four word phrases. Here is a little story to share what life can be like with him.

Sunday afternoon at my mom's house we were setting the table and finishing the last couple of things before eating dinner when Nathan appeared with a small candy cane still in its wrapper. I told him quickly that we were about to eat dinner but that he could stick it in his pocket and eat it after dinner. Excitedly he said, "put in pocket" and he grinned widely as he stuck it in his pocket. It must have been burning a hole in his pants because not even a minute later he was walking by with the candy cane unwrapped. I was about to tell him to put it away when he very candidly told me, "Tummy all full. Not hungry. Nate happy!" and then walked away with a huge grin and proceeded to eat the candy cane.  Kids!

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