Thursday, February 25, 2010

Danny boy…already 1/2 a year old! :D

Danny boy

It seems like just yesterday that I was at home waiting in bed trying to figure out if the contractions were strong enough to call the nurse before Danny arrived in a hurry that August morning, and now six months have already passed!

His appointment with Dr. Cheng is on the 2nd but I can tell you that he’s a big boy! He’s about 20 lbs and is about the length of his bassinet (he hits his head and his feet if he stretches out all the way--now I just have to find/buy another crib, stick him in with the other two boys and hope for the best!) He’s long and pretty lanky not a chunk like my Nate Nate was although he is solid like the other boys. 

Anyway…I digress. I really wanted to just stick a cute picture of the Dan-man up here. He is a charmer and has already wiggled his way into many hearts with his HUGE smile and sparkling blue eyes. Just ask Grandpa or Grandma or anyone at church that has seen him for that matter. He is a happy go lucky little guy who adores his big brothers and is very well behaved for Mom and Dad (thank goodness!) I still am not sure what color his peach fuzz is going to be but he’s very fair and I do wonder if it will be auburn-ish? We shall see.

Happy half birthday my little Danny boy. We’re glad that you joined     our little family even if life here is a bit insane crazy sometimes.

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wackywilsons said...

He has that classic Marcum smile! I love it!

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