Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sammy: I had a dream…

chloeSammy: (runs in excitedly) Tell me if I had a dream last night.

Mommy: (quickly translating his sentence) What did you dream about last night?

Sammy: I dreamed that Chloe had a cat tent and inside it she makes and sells TVs. That’s silly.

Mommy: That is pretty silly.


The next morning (while typing this up)  I asked him about his dream again and he said, “oh yeah, she watched TV and invited lots of cats inside to watch TV too. She’s crazy!”

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Trimbles said...

Thats really cute. I wonder if mine dream. :) So I need your address, want to send you an announcement and invite to the blessing... March 7th, if you can make it. :)

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