Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow much fun!

After all of the rain that we have had we really wanted to take the boys up to the mountains to see all of the snow! We tried to go Wednesday after school but a little boy jumped off a couch and went head first into the printer! It was a little too late to go to the mountains after the ER visit!

The second time we tried to go was on Friday after my last final exam. I had to grade my scantron finals and then we left later than we wanted and got stuck in traffic. After a while we realized (when we weren’t moving or making much progress) that we would get to the mountains around the time that the sun would be setting—no fun! So we turned around and promised the boys we’d go early the next morning.

We found out that the third time was the charm!  Turns out that Thad’s sisters were meeting up at IHOP for breakfast and then heading to Wrightwood! We got up Saturday morning, threw the boys in the car in their PJs, ate at IHOP with Becky, Josh, the Badalamenti’s, Adrian and Eric, and then caravanned to Wrightwood. It was a little crowded there but we found a spot and had a lot of fun! The snow was quite deep and a few times I stepped through and was in it up to my knees and a few times up to the mid-thigh! Yowzers! Luckily it was a gorgeous day and the sun warmed up our soggy tennis shoes and wet jeans! The boys loved sledding and the snow in general! It was a fun day and worth the wait!

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