Friday, February 26, 2010

No A’s just O’s

 Nathan_28months As told by Grandma…

“We were playing with little cars yesterday along with the Fisher-Price house and hospital (using the elevator as a garage...).  Part of the time Nathan was using the truck like a bulldozer, pushing little things around the sofa.  I thought I would give him something else to push and I picked up one of the magnetic letters he had spread over the carpet, an "A", for what it matters.  He looked at it, drove the truck over by it and pushed it quickly off the sofa, telling me rather strongly, "No A's" !!!  I didn't even know he knew what an "A" was, but he jumped off the sofa, ran over to the pile of letters, pulled out an "O" and said "Just "O's"! and put it on the sofa to push around.  Hmmm!  Too funny!”

Thanks Grandma for sharing a cute story about my boy and for being around so much! :) Nathan definitely knows what he wants to eat, wear, and play with and although he’s a bit crazy, obstinate and really loud at times we love him!

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