Saturday, May 29, 2010

Father and Son’s Campout

NewCameraMay2010_FatherSons2010_ 003Last weekend was our ward’s father and son’s campout. I kept the baby with me since I figured the big boys would have more fun (if they didn’t have to worry about him going down for naps etc) and so Thad just took Sam and Nate. It was in Long Beach at Will. J. Reed Park and I think that they had a good time. They took hot dogs with them for dinner that night and the kids played and stayed up late by the campfire and then slept in the tent with Daddy.

NewCameraMay2010_FatherSons2010_ 035In the morning they awoke early (like the sun) and the played hard until about 8:15 when they decided to come home for breakfast and for the day. We had to leave by 10 for a funeral for my great aunt Bobbi so they couldn’t stay long. Thad is looking forward to next year when he can take all three boys (good for me eh?) :) The boys love the fire, the boys only night (Sammy was very specific that there were to be no girls at the campout) and of course, they loved the dirt and bugs

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