Tuesday, May 11, 2010

See my new teeth?

NewCameraMay2010_TheBoys_ 034(As told to Mommy by Danny)

I found something in my mouth about two weeks ago and my mommy finally got a picture where you can see them a bit…I have two little teeth coming in!

I like to chew on my lip so that I can feel them and sometimes I am mean and bite Mommy’s shoulder or arm just to bite something. She tries not to make too much of a funny reaction so that I don’t do it again but sometimes it is hard for her not to giggle!

Anyway. It is official! I have teeth. I now like eating Ritz crackers although today I stole a large sequin off of Mommy’s skirt and tried to eat it although Mommy wasn’t too happy when she saw me gagging. :D

1 comment:

Katia Craig said...

Congratulations on finally having your new teeth. LOL, I can understand that you want to chew something with your new teeth. That aside, moments like these happyn once in a lifetime. So it's good to see that your mom was able to capture it on camera.

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