Monday, May 10, 2010

A Fun Day at the Beach

NewCameraMay2010_SunsetBeachMay1_ 030

We packed up the kiddos, sunscreen, beach clothes, some sandwich supplies and some really big shovels and headed to the beach with the Marcroft side of the family last weekend and had a blast! It was a beautiful day, a bit windy but still beautiful, and the boys loved every bit of it. Even Great Grandma Marcroft made the trek (via the boys who lifted her wheelchair across the sand!) She loved holding my big kid and he was quite happy with her and kept looking back at her! She checked his hair and said with a smile, I do see some red in this hair!

NewCameraMay2010_SunsetBeachMay1_ 109The big boys (Thad, Eric, Josh, Sammy, Nate, and their cousins) dug giant holes that filled themselves with water since they were so close to the water level, the little boys played in the water holes and “helped” fill the holes up even though it never got any deeper.

NewCameraMay2010_SunsetBeachMay1_ 070I sat with Danny in the sand and enjoyed watching him pick it up and squeeze it and wiggle his toes in it. He can be pretty cute.

When the little guys started to get cold after playing in the cold water too long we headed back up to our stuff and had hoagies. YUM! We stayed and played in the sand a while, tried not too eat too much sand in our sandwiches and had a lot of fun! We will totally have to do this again!

P.S.  Enjoy the pictures! There are some really cute ones! :) I love the one of Sammy ready to run into the waves with his red pail to get water for the hole.

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