Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ready or Not Here He Comes...

IMG_4834 Our little Danny has been sitting happily for a few months watching his brothers run by. A week or two ago he started leaning out from his sitting position (all the way to being stretched out onto his tummy and then retracting back to his seated position but I think he’s finally got it down! :)

The last few days he’s “crawled” a crawl or two but this morning he has crawled over to get the things that he wanted a few times and as far as he had to go to get it before retracting back into a seated position. I hope we’re ready for a boy who is mobile!

The pictures: The top one IMG_4837is Danny almost at the Lego rocket that Sammy made for him to crawl to. The one to the right is him after he arrived and was quite pleased with himself.

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