Friday, September 3, 2010

John Williams at the Hollywood Bowl

SummerFun_August2010_JohnWilliams_ 018We drove up (well, Jeff drove us up in a big comfy white van) to the Hollywood Bowl to see good ol’ John conduct. Thad wants to go every year and I quite enjoy “The Music of the Movies” as well so we decided to invite friends and family and enjoy. We also decided to take along Sammy and his cousin Jared (die hard Star Wars fans!) and they were super excited!

SummerFun_August2010_JohnWilliams_ 003 While we were waiting to go in they were giggling, hugging and playing and then they spotted them…some light sabers in the window but didn’t say much (just gawked—I think that with me and Cathy as moms they didn’t even ask…) But then to their utter surprise and enjoyment Kathryn Raile appeared with something behind her back. When they couldn’t guess what it was she handed two nifty light sabers to them! You should have seen their  eyes! They had a blast with them.

SummerFun_August2010_JohnWilliams_ 007

We enjoyed the music…the boys did get asked by the people behind us to put their light sabers away and they stayed up and were good until about 10 pm…then they passed out…right as the Star Wars music was starting! We tried to wake them up since they had asked about it all night but we were unsuccessful. Jared sat up for a minute and then laid his head down clutching his still glowing light saber. Sammy was harder to “wake” and finally was roused for about 10 seconds until his light saber turned off and then his head fell too. The music was great. The food was yummy. The company was even better. :)SummerFun_August2010_JohnWilliams_ 021

-Lots of friends.
-13 tickets to the Hollywood Bowl to see John Williams.
-Seeing Sammy and Jared fall asleep right before the Star Wars songs were played…


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