Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sammy Starts School

It has started…my first little guy has started school. He will be in school until hmm…wow…June of 2024! I am sure that it will go quicker than I realize. He is in a special four year old program at Burbank Elementary for late birthdays and I hope that it will be good for him! Daddy took him to school today so this is all a second hand account but we’ll see how it goes…

We’ve been counting down the days on a calendar and he was very excited to be going to school. Today was finally the day! “Today is the ninth” he told me after school. I learned that in class. ;)

It was also my first day of school with kids so there was a little extra stress and anxiety on my part. I didn’t want to be late either and it got a little crazy in the morning trying to get him to eat his food in time and get dressed so that Daddy could deliver the two youngest to Grandma who was going to watch them while Daddy accompanied Sammy for his first day. He got up, got dressed and then it was time to put his shoes on…shoes, shoes, where are the shoes? We found them, put them on and then Sammy said, “ouch, these hurt!” What? He wore these last week and they were fine. Okay. I ran to the box of the next size up clothing and looked…they weren’t there. Oh nuts. Oh yeah, Sammy got into them and I moved them…but where? Oh  nuts again…the clock is ticking for me and I’m figuring out how many minutes until I’ll be late too! I finally found them, stuck them on, and then tried to run out the door…Nathan was still asleep when it was time to go so he got woken up and almost thrown in the car which made him grumpy and wanting Mommy who was already supposed to be at school. I did get going and made it to school five measly minutes before the first bell (phew).

Sammy was beaming from ear to ear, had his lunch box packed and backpack ready and jumped in the car. Daddy delivered him safely and stayed with him (per the school’s policy) until 11:30 when they came home. I got home and talked to Sammy about school and he told me, “it was awesome!” He told me a few tidbits about rug time and play time but was too distracted to give me really good details. Oh well. I know that he was happy, that he enjoyed it and that he was well behaved and that is what matters, right?

The real test will be tomorrow…all day long by himself until 1:30! And then next month when it changes to 2:30! I’m crossing my fingers but I think that he’ll be alright!

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wackywilsons said...

I can totally relate! We need to be each others support system this week with us both teaching full time.

Exhausting work being teaching mamas...

that story was a goodie about the shoes!

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