Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nateism : A question for each breath (almost)

TheBoys_June2012_ 242Nathan had to go to the bathroom tonight (and EVERY night before actually falling asleep) but tonight he was especially full of questions. Here are a few that I remember:

1) (Yes, this was first), “Why do we have toilets?”
2) “Why do we have underwear? “
3) “What kind of underwear do I have on?” and then “ Do I have Bible underwear on?” (Mom replied no, and he said), “Well, why not?” (It sounds like a good thing to market!)
4) And then again, “I still don’t understand why we need underwear. If it is for protection, then why do the bad guys get protected and the good guys too?”
5) How do they make guitars?
6) How do they make the strings make music?

AHHHH! :) Still, I love my Nathan and his 10,000 random questions at bedtime.

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