Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our First Week of Summer Vacation 2012!

CHS_Graduation2012_ 028Last week was our first official week of summer vacation and we loved every minute of it! Mommy is soooo relieved to be done with school until September and the boys are loving time to play, play and play some more!

Here are some highlights! Thursday was the last day of school and graduation and then the fun began!

Friday, June 22nd - Free Teacher Family Day at the Aquarium with G&G Driggs, the Fongs and the Repettis. There were 4 teachers so we had enough tickets to get all of us in for free! :D Thad took the kids home and put them down for naps and I headed to school. I was at the point TheBoys_June2012_ 417of “freaking out” since I had over 100 essays left to grade, said a huge prayer, and was instantly blessed with a clear mind and the ability to grade a whole period’s worth of essays in about two hours! Later on that same night Sammy and I went to see the Wizard of Oz too (already posted our date here)!

Nate_RelayForLifeSaturday, June 23rd – Relay for Life with Leo’s Club in the AM at Gahr, Family Picnic with the Richards in the afternoon, Ward Social in the evening where I was in charge of the “Latin” Allison_Macarenafood and show. I couldn’t get anyone to dance so I spear headed the Macarena and forgot to practice before I left (it had been a super busy few days) so I forgot one of the steps but someone came up to help teach and saved the day (thanks Bro. Sepulveda!) Phew.

Sunday, June 24th – Church and family time. Nice to have a quiet day.

FrenchToastMonday, June 25th – Work day (my grades were due that day) so I stayed home and made yummy Puffed French Toast for breakfast and then resumed working on the essays I still needed to finish. When Ben got up from his morning nap and I figured that I couldn’t get any more work done at home I went to work. Worked, worked and worked some more but got my grades done, uploaded, guest accounts set up for the summer school teachers on the school computers, and was home in time to make dinner. :)

TheBoys_June2012_ 192Tuesday, June 26th -  Celebrated that I didn’t have to go in to work! Busy day with lots of family time at the Badalamenti’s. Played in the pool and with cousins all day.

Wednesday, June 27th – Felt like a Saturday and had to look at my watch to remember what day it was. Don’t you love that? Went to Splash! for the first time this season—so much fun!TheBoys_June2012_ 385 Then played outside. Walked around the block too! Had hot dogs for dinner at Costco and then played outside until dark!

Thursday, June 28th – Dropped Benny off with Grandma and the big boys and I headed to Splash again!) Then lunch off the dollar menu at BK and naps. After some rest Auntie Steph planned a surprise party for Uncle Mike’s 40th at UncleMikes40thBdayPicnic_June2012_ 021the park (CPE). He figured it out while she was packing the car (before he was supposed to get up for the day) but we had a great time. Yummy food and lots of nice weather, sunshine and family for a great evening at the park!

Friday, June 29th – Boys woke up bright and early so we threw the baby in the stroller, the boys took a kid vehicle and we walked/rode/scooted to McDonald’s for $1 TheBoys_June2012_ 298Sausage McMuffins. Too bad they said the play area was closed (no hours were posted) so we ate outside since we had all of our toys, walked to the store and got bananas for dessert (you can never have too many bananas) and walked home. We played outside and used lots of sunscreen!

Saturday, June 30th TheBoys_June2012_ 701– A nice, slow morning and then off to a baptism for our friend Ethan at 10 am. We had lunch with them and then came home for naps. After naps we headed over to our play day at the Carlson’s with Dashiell (6) and Brennan (4). We kept busy doing all sorts of stuff: swimming, bike riding, lego building, chalk drawing, eating BBQed hot dogs and hamburgers, Benny_teeth2Jedi knight light saber fighting, bubble blowing, carnival games, and oh, and watching Cars 2 under the stars! It was an awesome Day!

Oh and Benjamin got two teeth about a week ago and you can finally see them! --->


Here is an album of the many adventures if you want to see more:


Melinda said...

wow its like non stop party time with for all of you haha! i love it!!! :) and i can't believe how big your boys are getting!

Joy said...

Looks like you guys are having an awesome summer vacation. I love all the photos! :)

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