Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Big Bike Rider: Nathan

TheBoys_July2012_ 263So I am behind on blogging boo… but I am having a super playful summer :) and feel quite exhausted but happy to be home to play.

One big thing that happened a few weeks back was that we got a bike for Nate! Okay…we actually got the bike in December but then big brother popped his tire and then jumped on Nathan’s bike and popped his tire in the same “pokey grass” :( and then they tried to fix it and lost a piece to the bike. With a busy semester we didn’t get around to fixing it until right after school ended and he was so excited.

We helped him climb on, gave him a push and off he went by himself. I watched anxiously but he did so well so quickly! He really had great balance and was able to go slowly or quickly and stop without crashing! We love our little balance bike that Grandma and Grandpa got us for Christmas and I really think that it was the key to Nathan just jumping and going (and really never stopping!) Sam had such a hard time when we took off the training wheels (although he does great now) and it was so hard being pregnant (last summer) and supporting/chasing/holding on to him I’m glad that Nathan had an easier time! :)

Here is a little video. He is rarely seen now without his bike and bike helmet. He’d probably ride all day if I let him.  Go Nate! We’re so proud of you!!!

Nathan on his way from our house on his first ride without training wheels! Go Nate!

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