Saturday, October 26, 2013

DIY Ruby Red Slippers

My mother-in-law bought us a cute little blue gingham plaid dress for Emma Jane which we decided to use for a costume. It definitely looks like a Dorothy dress from Wizard of Oz but I figured that she needed some ruby slippers but I didn’t want to buy shoes just for this! I tried to clean some white shoes that the boys had gotten out and well, I ruined them, so, I figured why not. I looked up a tutorial (here and here) and used them as references.

Here were the supplies that I used:
-2 oz. bottle of red acrylic paint (50 cents)
-ModPodge (I got the “sparkle” but I wish I would have just gotten gloss; the shiny has irridescent sparkles which are pretty but take away from the red)
-1 paint brush or craft foam sponge
-(optional) painter’s tape to tape off parts you don’t want red
-red glitter! (or silver if you want to go with the book; I like the movie version, sorry!)
-Newspaper or paper to paint/work onTheKids_October2013_ 101

1) Start with clean shoes (and tape them if necessary) and paint them red (this helps in case you miss a spot!) Wait for them to dry.

TheKids_October2013_ 102

2) Mix the mod podge with an ample amount of glitter. I used about 2 Tbs of mod podge and about the same of glitter I think. I put in a little and then stirred until I thought that you saw more glitter than glue.

TheKids_October2013_ 104
3) Apply mod podge/glitter mixture but don’t goop it on. Try to make a nice even coat.TheKids_October2013_ 106

4) Wait for it to dry (you could sand in between this step and the next like this tutorial; the shoes came out really nicely. I didn’t have any sandpaper on hand so I didn’t do this. There are a few spots that would have benefitted from this step. Here are the shoes after one coat.TheKids_October2013_ 110

5) If needed apply a second coat (I did just because I had enough mod podge already mixed.) I had enough glitter in the modge podge that they could have just had one coat.

6) (optional) Apply a coat of varnish or sealer to seal them in. I didn’t and I don’t think that it is totally necessary if you’re using them for a costume. If you’re planning to wear these regularly then this would be a good step).

TheKids_October2013_ 148

7) Dress up and enjoy your shoes! :)

TheKids_October2013_ 145

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