Monday, October 21, 2013

Our Newest Blessing: Welcome Emma Jane

IMGP2253And what a blessing she is. I think that Heavenly Father knew that we really wanted another kid and that she would be a blessing for us. I definitely got a lot of interesting faces and comments when people asked how many kids I had (we’re more than double that 2.2 average now) but we always wanted this child (even if it was another boy—I have been a boy mom for 8 years and I wouldn’t trade a second of it for anything else).

TheKids_October2013_ 082Today marks her one week mark…time flies doesn’t it? I thought that I better write down a bit about her arrival before I forget anything since it will be a story to tell around here! It all started on Thursday, 10/10, it was my due date…it was a busy day and it would have been so fun to have her on the 10th (I would have had kids with birthdays on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th). I was busy with the kids, cleaning, prepping, and Thad had class in the evening. I guess that I had done too much because I was having contractions but once I lay down they all went away and she stayed put for a few more days.

Disclaimer: This story might make some moms a bit angry especially if your labors were long and arduous…

TheKids_October2013_ 111Sunday I walked halfway home from church (less than a mile) and then later on we decided to go walking with the Woolley family in the evening to hopefully help my body get ready and it must have worked (although I wonder what people thought as they saw us with seven boisterous boys between us!) I woke up at 4 or 4:30 am with some contractions and by 6 we were leaving the house, then we dropped off boys at both grandparents and then stopped to get some breakfast for Thad before heading to the hospital. I got there and checked in and was at a six. The pains weren’t too bad yet just really uncomfortable. (TheKids_October2013_ 146The picture below is my “super hero cape” picture as I walked from the check in room to the actual L&D room. I don’t like using wheelchairs so she offered me a sheet to cover up my backside.) :)

It was about 7:30am when I got into an L&D room and found out that my midwife was beginning her shift at 8—how fun! My mom and niece were on their way and my water hadn’t broken so I decided to wait for them. It was getting a bit more uncomfortable though (mind over matter…I really “wanted” to use the bathroom but it was just miss Emma readying herself). I don’t remember the contractions hurting as much as just that feeling of “if I don’t get to a bathroom ASAP I’m going to go right here!”. My mom and niece finally arrived just before 9 am and I called and told them to send the midwife in as soon as she finished delivering the other baby.

TheKids_October2013_ 1619:26 am (my mom has a picture with the clock showing) the midwife, Cheryl, came in and chatted for a minute before checking me and saying that I was at a 10 and ready whenever! My water still hadn’t broken but she said I could either push and it would probably break or she could break it. I decided to push a tad (didn’t have to push too hard It was a relief to have the pressure gone—phew) and my water broke. She told Thad to wash his hands and get ready. I was on my side and she asked if I wanted to deliver that way, I said, “you can do that?” and then figured, why not as my back was bothering me. She lifted my leg up for me to hold and TheKids_October2013_ 186she told me to give a big push, Thad turned around (from washing his hands) just in time to see the baby’s head beginning to come out. She told me to give another grunt and as I did Emma came slipping out. She was born at 9:29 am and was nice and noisy although she did calm down quickly when passed to me!

TheKids_October2013_ 176

:) I think that her quick delivery is helping with my super quick recovery! I feel great! What a blessing! If all of the deliveries were this easy I’d have 5 more (just kidding) but really, it was so fast, I’m glad that my water didn’t break at home or I would have had her there! The boys are loving her to pieces and they’re so gentle and protective of her (even Benjamin—and he loves to smother her with super soft kisses!) I’ll have to post more pictures later of them with her!

Here are some pictures from yesterday after church. Isn’t her dress fun?

TheKids_October2013_ 059

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SusieQ said...

Congratulations on your princess! She's so beautiful! XOXO, the Manginis

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