Saturday, October 19, 2013

Samuel: Eight is Great

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Sam_1dayOldI can’t believe that eight years have passed since (or really even remember life before) that cold, drizzly October day when we brought our first little boy home. I wasn’t even blogging back then so I don’t have a cutesy little post to refer back to but in looking at pictures Thad and I sure were young!

Now, eight years later we celebrate him again! Eight. Wow. He sometimes seems so much bigger (and not just in his huge size 12 jeans!) and sometimes I’m reminded of how young he still is. I wonder sometimes if I put a little too much pressure on him since he is the oldest of five and I need him. But hopefully, I also allow him time to be him and to play and grow.

When I did Danny’s four year old post Sammy wrote down some things for me to include on his post. Here they are:

Favorite squash: pumpkin
Favorite toy: Legos
Favorite thing when I'm turning 8 at church: cub scouts
Favorite seafood: salmon, actually Alaskan salmon
Favorite coin: dollar coin
Favorite dollar bill: million dollar bill (I said that I don't know if this even exists to which he grunted)
How much mission savings I have (coins saved at Grandma's house): $13.07
Favorite Teacher: Grandma (she is his Sunday School teacher at church)
Favorite Spanish Teacher: My mom (who is lazy and is NOT teaching him Spanish)
Favorite Volunteer Policeman: Grandpa
Favorite 14-year old dog: Millie
Favorite brother: Nathan and Ben and Danny
Favorite TV show: Wild Kratts
Favorite Website:
Grade: 2nd
Favorite Friends: Elijah, Jacquie and Jasmine

TheKids_October2013_ 513He did start cub scouts this week (since he turned 8 on Tuesday just in time for scouts) and came home saluting and with a project which he began working on immediately. He wants to earn his communication belt loop first. It will be fun to actually have a scout in the house besides Daddy.

A few more of his likes/dislikes:
-Dislikes homework, being rushed, getting dressed (he’d prefer to sleep in his clothes), that Mom doesn’t let him play Minecraft, when he leaves his toys and little Legos out and his brothers lose them.

-Likes: Using Google Maps to search all over the world, Veggie Tales: Wizard of Has, Scholastic’s Who Would Win book series, minions, Minecraft, Legos, torturing his brothers (added by MOM!), his little sister, pizza, playing or looking up stuff on the computer, reading non-fiction books and being silly.

Happy Birthday Sammy boy! We love you!

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