Thursday, December 27, 2007

"Hah Sauce!"

One quick cute, funny, sad story...I wish that I had a pic, and believe me, I thought about it but I decided against it. I was running behind (like always) because we ate dinner at Grandma's house and I needed to get Sammy home and in bed. When I arrived at our house it was sooo windy so I called Thad and had him come and get Sammy and the baby. I then parked the car but had to run and get something out of the car. When I came back in from the car I started to run when I heard Sammy scream in pain. As I turned the corner and looked in the room I thought that I saw blood all over Sammy's hand and started freaking out...but then I got closer and could see and smell hot sauce, and then heard Sammy say, "Oww! Hot!" Once I realized that it wasn't blood, I wanted to grab my camera to document it but I thought that would be awful. Sammy was in pain and he had Taco Bell hot sauce in his mouth, and all over his hand (somehow it didn't get on my bed--Daddy had left his Taco Bell bag with extra hot sauce on the bed--how exciting!) I told him to drink his milk that I had just gotten him, but it kept burning. I ran and asked Thad, half sad, half laughing, what to do. He told me to give him ice cream, so I did that and besides the fit that was thrown after that (because he wanted more ice cream) he didn't complain about the burning. He did learn a few new words/associations. He knew how to say hot sauce before but now he knows what it is, and he knows that it's "spicy hot". I still wish I had the picture. It would have been a classic...

P.S. During the middle of the full-fledged tantrum I sent him in to ask Daddy if he could have more ice cream (thinking that he would say no,) but when he asked Daddy if he could have more, Daddy said that the ice cream was only to help his mouth stop burning and that he could only have more ice cream if he had more hot sauce, and that if he wanted more hot sauce that he had to ask Mommy. Next thing I know Sam was asking me for more hot sauce--apparently he'll do anything for ice cream!

P.P.S. If you want to see something hilarious, check out this guy's blog and his "Holy Hot Sauce" that I found while googling for hot sauce packet pics!

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Jen Kesler said...

Too funny! Tough call on whether or not to grab the camera! Shaun and I have decided that as long as they're still breathing and not bleeding, it's okay to grab a quick photo!!

Sooooo glad to hear that Nathan's Dr.'s are saying that things look good so far!

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