Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sammy and his friends

So, this is all about big boy Sammy! Yesterday and today our house has been quite the happenin' place. Well, at least in the front yard. I thought that it wouldn't be like this until Sam was's already happening. We had a cluster of neighborhood kids playing with Sam in front of our house. We rode bikes, scooters, played baseball, blew bubbles, and more. It was crazy and they ranged in age from 5-11. Oh, and Sam, he's only 2. Luckily they are really great with him (most of the time). It is weird to have so many kids here, and quite exhausting. I finally took off after a few hours, and went to my mom's house to get a break. LOL. Thad said as soon as Sammy left they took off.

One of Sammy's new favorite things is using Michael's scooter. He's one of our neighbors and always lets Sammy ride it over and over and over again. Here is a little video of him. He talks a little in it ("I crash") and I think that it's fun. Enjoy!

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