Sunday, December 2, 2007

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Our Mt Lowe Excursion

So....where do I start?! It never rains in southern California, right? Wrong! Friday we woke up in the morning it looked gloomy, and then it started raining! We scrambled outside to cover up Thad's tools in the backyard that were already getting wet. We found the wood and stucco/cement mix was wet (and ruined) and tried to cover anything else that might get ruined! Needless to say I was late leaving and got to school 8 minutes before the bell rang--oops! Hope nobody needed help! Anyway. It was a crazy, wet, cold day and the rain continued to pour down! Sammy enjoyed it and after his nap he ran outside to jump and splash around in the mud and rain (even threw his little white lamb in the mud--nice!)

We were supposed to be going camping with Thad's parents in the mountains (just overnight) but I thought that there was no way we'd go in the wind and rain...but...we did. It was an adventure and I was cold...we had tons of blankets and were pretty warm, but we lost the baby's bottle in the middle of the night (ahh!), and then when we woke up in the morning it was even colder and mistier than the night before..and the sun refused to come out from behind the clouds. Sammy had fun in the mountains, Mommy and Nathan survived (I think Nathan's only problem was that I had sooo many blankets on him that he was sweating and then I kept having to change him because he was wet.) Sammy got to meet Smokey the Bear and although he was apprehensive at first, he ended up giving him a high five and then a kiss on the cheek! My favorite part was that when he finally was brave enough to go up to him the first thing it did was point to the "Y" on his hat and say "Y". Hooray..he loves his letters! :)

All in all it was a good time, just cold! I think I finally defrosted about 9 pm last night. At least we're back in the sun down here. I am glad that we went. If you want you can See more pics @ Smugmug

p.s. I did learn a few things...1) bring 2 bottles along with your pre-measured water (we had that-but without a bottle it was useless, and no, a sippy cup won't work just in case you try that with a 7 week old), 2) Bring extra clothes for your 2 year old, he will find anything wet/dirty etc within a mile radius. 3) Don't forget your flashlight (you might need it in the middle of the night) 4) Pack snacks for you, not only your kids (I got hungry too!)

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