Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Sammy! :)

Sammy turned three today and after of all of the commotion/work today, a four hour nap by him (he was pooped I guess?!) and waiting for Nate to wake up from his second nap, the kids and I went to the Towne Center with my parents (without Daddy since he Daddy installing my brother's new appliances). We had Rubio's and it was yummy--and we supported the school at a fundraiser night too! Then we got a free ice cream cone for his birthday at Cold Stone! :) He has been enjoying his train that he got for his birthday with a " 'mote control" and some other fun things that he got on Saturday!

Here are some more Sammy memories....

Going into labor because of the dumb midwife (not my doctor) who hurt me and made me go into labor against my will and on the day of the biggest game of the VB season...but then my assistant coach taking over (while I got play-by-play from my Dad and Thad) and leading the team to beat Mayfair's 10 year league winning streak and win league!
I remember when he first came home...He had those super skinny arms and long bony legs! And his old man face...the middle name Clifford after his "grumpy" great grandpa just fit!

And now he's getting so big but will still sit in my lap, lay down to snuggle, and read books with me. Soon enough he'll be too big for that...and then...sigh...I don't even want to think of the days that will come...

I always loved this pic of him and Thad at 6 months
Here he is at around 1 year...
And again around 2 years...
And 3 years...Happy Birthday Big Boy! :)
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