Friday, October 24, 2008

Pa's Pumpkin Patch

On Wednesday night the boys and I went to Pa's Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach with Grandma Driggs and with the Fongs :) while Thad worked on tiling my back splash in my kitchen. It was a bit pricey but the boys, especially Sammy, had a blast. There were bounce houses, giant slides, bumper boats, a petting zoo, a carousel, a train and more! Here are some of the highlights!

Nathan :)
Danny and Lizzie
Thank goodness Grandma came too!!
Sammy and Jared
On the train (after rode this Sammy kept trying to break back into the ride!)
Nathan and I
Cathy and Lucas
Sammy in "mococycle" heaven
And here are some pics at the petting zoo...(sorry my lenses got dirty)
The rest of the pics (mine and Cathy's) can be seen on Smugmug!


Cathy said...

We had a great time with you guys! Thanks for everything, Allie!

Jenny said...

I think your mom's shirt is my favorite:)

Jen Kesler said...

Fun times...I love all the photos!

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